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A Steady Space

Supportive male group discussion fostering validation and emotional support.


At A Steady Space, we believe in creating a community that helps everyone tap into their superpower of kickbutt communication, resilience, and riding the emotional wave through life's funky dance. Our community hub is your trusty sidekick on your quest for personal growth, deeper connections, and the rock-solid mojo to rock through life's wild twists. Join us today to be a part of something amazing.



Self [Awareness]


Healing [From the Bullshit]


Innovation [in Communication]


Fortitude [through Change]


Transformation [of Self]

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Your SHIFT Journey Starts Here

meet the staff


Meet Davina, the compassionate and creative force behind A Steady Space. With a background in psychology and a heart full of empathy, Davina's vision is to create a community where everyone feels heard and supported. Her warmth and insightful guidance are the cornerstones of our nurturing environment.


Founder and Community Leader

Focused coaching session with male coach and client, emphasizing men-focused self-help and development

Transparent Pricing for Your Growth Journey

Choose the path that best fits your journey. No hidden fees, no surprises. Just straightforward pricing for your personal and relationship growth. Explore our plans below and start your transformative journey today.

Anger Management Classes
Anger Management Classes
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“Davina is the best! She's very down to earth and real. It was awkward for my husband and I to talk openly with someone else in the room, but she made us feel at ease and had great advice. She was really accommodating with my husbands work schedule, which was really nice. If you are needing any help in your relationship, I highly recommend her!"
"I have really enjoyed my sessions with Davina. She has opened my mind to how I can best approach the people in my life when I am communicating and at odds in various relationships. I would recommend Davina to anyone looking to open up and figure out how to improve your communication and go through the stages of self-improvement."
“To say I'm pleased is an understatement. Davina is very professional, experienced and holds high integrity in her services. With her help, I am finding better ways to communicate in all aspects of my life and seeing both sides of a situation. I'm better at not allowing my emotions to deter from what is really needing to come out of a conversation. I would definitely recommend A Steady Space!”

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