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Therapy vs Coaching
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What Makes Behavioral Shifting with Davina Different?

Unlike traditional therapy, which often delves deeply into past traumas and requires a clinical diagnosis, Davina’s coaching focuses on the present and future. It's about using the past as a reference point to foster actionable changes today. This approach is perfect for individuals who recognize the need for change and are ready to make it happen now.

More Than Coaching,
Less Intensive Than Therapy

Hi there, I'm Davina, and I want to introduce you to what A Steady Space is all about. It's important to understand that what I offer isn't therapy. Instead, I'm here to guide you through skills-based, psychoeducational workshops and sessions designed to tackle challenges like managing anger, building healthier relationships with those close to you, and enhancing how you communicate with everyone around you. The programs I've developed focus on nurturing essential social skills and fostering professional growth. My approach is all about equipping you with the tools and knowledge you need to navigate life's complexities with confidence and ease.

Understanding the Difference:

Therapy vs. Coaching


  • Conducted by licensed clinicians.

  • Focuses on processing past traumas and distress.

  • Often involves diagnosis and is sometimes driven by insurance coverage.

Master Coaching with Davina:

  • Future and action-oriented, focusing on immediate improvement.

  • Uses past experiences as learning points, not dwelling places.

  • No formal diagnosis required; no insurance constraints.

Why Choose Davina?

Davina's approach is unique because she combines the precision of a trained professional with the personalized touch of a mentor. Having battled and overcome personal challenges, she brings empathy and effectiveness to her coaching, offering strategies that are not just theoretical but tested and proven in real life.

How It Works:

Prep: Understand your current challenges and goals through a free initial consultation.

Goal Setting: Together with Davina, you'll define clear, actionable goals that pave the way for real change.

1:1 Sessions: Engage in focused sessions where Davina helps you develop new skills and strategies to overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

Ongoing Support: Gain access to an online community that fosters continuous growth and learning.

Ready to Create Your Steady Space?

Book a 1:1 Session

Dive deep into personalized coaching tailored to your specific needs. Start with a one-on-one session with Davina to kickstart your journey toward transformation.

Join the Community

Gain a membership to access a thriving online platform where learning and personal growth happen daily. Connect with others, share experiences, and grow together.

Commitment to Transparency and Integrity

Davina believes in full transparency and ethical coaching. There are no hidden costs or vague promises—only real, measurable progress. Pricing is clear and upfront, and Davina is committed to providing value that far exceeds the cost.

Take the First Step

Are you ready to embrace change and see tangible results? Schedule your free consultation today and find out how coaching with Davina can lead you to a more fulfilled and successful life.

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Discover your true self with our no-BS guide.

Let’s face it: you can’t make meaningful changes if you don’t know who you are at your core. That’s why we’re here to guide you on an eye-opening, no bullshit approach to self-discovery. Through powerful exercises, practical tools and guided reflections, you’ll gain the clarity and purpose you’ve been missing. No more wasted time. No more empty promises.

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