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Get Your SHIFT Together

Struggling with anger? You're not alone. Welcome to a space where frustration doesn’t mean failure, where losing your temper doesn’t have to lead to losing everything else. This is Your Steady Space, where we transform anger into a force for good—your good.


We get it—life's pressures don’t come with an easy-off switch. If you’ve tried personal development programs before, only to start strong and then lose momentum, you know the frustration. It's that feeling of being back at square one, dealing with the same old triggers and consequences: damaged relationships, workplace tensions, and that inner voice of regret whispering about what you "could have done differently."


Anger doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It can lead to feeling isolated, directionless, and alone. It’s exhausting to feel like you're always on the edge, knowing that one slip could mean risking your job or ruining a cherished relationship. This constant stress can make it seem impossible to take care of yourself or maintain the confidence needed to face daily challenges.


Our Solution: SHIFT Programs

Our SHIFT programs aren't just about managing anger—they're about mastering it. Using proven strategies inspired by the pragmatic and empowering approach of Mel Robbins, we focus on the real issue: shifting how you react, how you connect, and how you succeed.

SHIFT Your Mindset:

Understand the roots of your anger and learn to anticipate your triggers before they take hold.

SHIFT Your Relationships:

Learn to communicate in ways that build bridges rather than burn them. Transform conflict into collaboration.

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SHIFT Your Habits:

Develop new, healthy responses to old, challenging situations. We'll help you build routines that reinforce your new skills and mindset.

SHIFT Your Future:

Harness your emotions to work for you, not against you. With each step forward, you’ll regain the confidence that seemed lost and discover a new direction for your life.


No More Starting and Stopping

At Your Steady Space, we know that real change comes with continuous effort and support. Our community and resources are here to keep you motivated. You won’t have to go it alone this time.


If you’ve been typing "anger management" into your search bar, hoping for a solution that sticks, you've found the right place. Here, we don’t just manage anger—we master it. We learn from it. And most importantly, we move forward, together.

Lay the Foundation: Choose Your Path to a Your Steady Space!

Monthly Membership:
SHIFT | Foundation

For those who prefer a more self-directed approach or wish to continue building upon the growth achieved in our longer programs, the SHIFT Memberships are your perfect fit.


These monthly subscriptions offer a wealth of resources for ongoing development at your own pace. You'll have access to an extensive library of self-help programs, virtual group coaching sessions, and interactive workbooks. Plus, you’ll retain the ability to reach out through our app for support whenever needed.


This membership is ideal for maintaining momentum and continuing to build a strong, steady foundation for personal success.

6 Month Program:
SHIFT | Sprint

This program is designed to turbocharge your personal growth through intensive, targeted coaching sessions. You’ll receive a personality assessment to uncover your unique strengths, bi-monthly 90-minute coaching sessions to accelerate your progress, and continuous messaging support for any questions that arise along the way.


This fast-track program helps you sprint towards your goals with clarity, accountability, and expert guidance.

12 Month Program:
SHIFT | Marathon

The program offers a year-long journey of deep transformation. It includes everything in the 6 Month program but doubles the coaching time to ensure comprehensive support throughout your growth journey.


This program is your marathon to personal mastery, featuring ongoing sessions that offer you the resilience and skills to navigate life's challenges and achieve a profound, sustainable transformation.

Begin Your SHIFT: Choose Between SHIFT Sprint and SHIFT Marathon

What’s Included?

Personality Assessment: 

Kick off with a clinical assessment to uncover your unique personality blueprint.

Continuous Messaging Support: 

Got a burning question between sessions? Reach out anytime via our app for ongoing support.

Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions:

Engage in 12 total, in-depth 90-minute sessions, where you’ll sprint towards your goals with expert guidance.

Investment in You:

$360/Month, invest in a program that's more than just sessions—it’s a full-fledged partnership in your personal progress. Plus, this includes all app messaging—no hidden fees!

Expectations—It's a Two-Way Street:

  • From You: Bring your commitment, active participation, honesty, accountability, and feedback. Be ready to dive deep, challenge yourself, and embrace change!

  • From Us: Expect professionalism, empathy, a customized approach, insightful feedback, and continuous learning from your dedicated coach.

Program Perks You’ll Love:


Personalized Guidance: Tailored strategies that fit your life and ambitions.


Accountability and Support: Regular check-ins to keep you motivated and on track.


Skill Development: Practical tools and knowledge to handle whatever life throws your way.


Clarity and Vision: Clear out the mental clutter and focus on what matters most to you.


Emotional Support and Empowerment: Overcome hurdles and build enduring confidence.


Sustainable Change: Cultivate lasting habits for lifelong success.


Self-Awareness and Growth: Gain insights that spark significant personal evolution.

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Ready to Run Towards Your Dreams?

Don’t walk through life wondering ‘what if?’ Sprint into action with SHIFT Sprint and transform your world in just 6 months. We’re here to push the pace and help you cross your personal finish line. Are you ready? Let’s make it happen together!

Let your journey begin at Your Steady Space, where every step forward is a step towards the extraordinary.

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